About Alhutheily corporation



To be the preferred source for total logistics in the oilfield industry



We will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers through superior customers service ,commitment , integrity and safe manner of operations for the environment , personnel and everyone involved.



Deliver Quality service and products.

About Alhutheily corporation

Alhutheily Corporation offers services to the oilfield companies including transportation, products, and logistics in the republic of Yemen with specialization in crude oil and hazardous material hauling. Alhutheily represents Worldwide reputed companies, manufactures and suppliers.

Our commitments are Safety of our environment, staff and everyone involved in our projects. Customer Satisfaction and Growth for both our staff and as well as our business.

Our strategy is to deliver Quality service and products.


We are pleased to have the opportunity to Present our Corporate Profile to: you for your review. Alhutheily has been fortunate to work with many Petroleum companies and private sectors in Yemen and is ready to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and provide its services.

In 1980, began our business in the sector or Oil & Gas and related activities. We have worked with Yemen Oil Company from our start up in 1980 up to now, During this almost - Twenty Five-year period, we have Worked with numerous other companies in support of their Yemen projects, Transportation of Hazardous products and General Commodities.

Now we are more ready than ever and in coordination with the foreign companies that we represent in various area of ​​application, we are ready to provide our products, services including the provision of Crude Oil Hauling , maintenance, contracting, procurement and total logistics locally and from the rest of the world.

We are very familiar with Yemen Market and Customs requirements. as well as with the Situation in the area and with the applicable market practice and rates.
In working specially in the line of transporting and marketing of petroleum Products, Tools, Spare parts, products and materials as our main activity for the last two decades, Alhutheily has become very familiar with all equipment, personnel, systems, transportation, and reporting requirements of the Oilfield Industry in Yemen.

We are most appreciative to have had the opportunity to be of service to Oil companies, to our other clients and are proud of the trust and confidence they have shown in the services onlered by Alhutheily and our personnel.


Transportation & Logistics

We continually strengthen our capabilities in serving better, focusing on national and regional transportation and logiest.
We are establishing long-term relationships with major transportation, logistics and oil service companies

Products and services
  • Crude oil hauling.
  • Hazardous materials transportation.
  • Cross country transportation.
  • Specialized transportation.
  • Specialized logistics.
  • Freight forwarding.
  • Clearing and forwarding.

Projects & Services

The Projects & Services activities established in 2004 with the aim of providing and maintaining a follow up information for various projects that is to be implemented and developed in Yemen. This information keeps Alhutheily Corporation and its international principals and staff looks for any changes or developments in projects, timing and future plans.
We took a turn around and started actively introducing principals to provide their expertise and subcontracting activities. This made us gain industry knowledge and considerable profit. This are of our activities is rapidly growing especially in the Oil and Gas sector.

The projects & services activities are geared up for the future with plans for:
  • Expansion of engineering services.
  • Provision of dedicated fabrication and erection facilities.
  • Introduction of innovative services solutions in the maintenance and other related areas

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