the electrical services will be a vital supply source for the industry with new technology products. The activities will provide our customer needs with our future dedicated team of professionally qualified and experienced sales engineers. Our long-standing links with the industry leaders worldwide will make us a preferred partner of major oil companies in Yemen. Our future principals will hold excellent records of accomplishment with regard to projects of a complex technical nature. The electrical plans are grow in to a Substation and Power Generation entity on a Turkey contracting basis. In our effort to strengthen the existing relationships, we plan to expand our current products spectrum to include various electrical system, establishing a comprehensive suite of products and solutions relevant to the future. 


Produces and Services: 

    • Equipment
    • Package type substation
    • Neutral grounding resistors
    • KWH meters & AMR
    • Telecom system integration
    • Line of sight radio
    • Telephone system
    • CCTV
    • Concrete mattress
    • Power transmission
    • Accessories for overhead transmission
    • Insulators
    • Cables
    • Earthing material
    • Explosion proof fittings
    • Solar system
    • Gas turbines
    • UPS and DC systems
    • LV * MV switch gears
    • Protection relays and panels
    • Transformers
    • Capacitor banks
    • Satellite
    • Telemetry/SCADA
    • PA& GA system
    • Cables (composite and individual)
    • ROV’s & intervention vehicles
    • Optical fiber power * ground wires
    • Wooden poles
    • Aircraft warning lights and spheres
    • Cable accessories
    • Head tracing system
    • Power generation
    • Combined head and power plants
    • G. sets
    • Specialized manpower


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