Engineering Products

The Engineering products activities comprises of three departments, Mechanical & process control, Instrumentation safety & Inspection and Electrical. In order to serve the customers’ needs and ensure their satisfaction we offer high quality products and services, prompt and reliable after sales support, and ensure that we deliver our work with appositive attitude, and ethical conscience ,flexibility and quick responsiveness to change researching market trends and relevant business and social issues allows us to efficiently source for companies globally and develop successful international relationships through different financial arrangements.

The Engineering products represents a major segment of Alhutheily Corporation offering in that it is planned to evolve as a specialized company that understands the customers’ needs and process involving the tendering , awarding, and the management of supply chain activities. We aim to be our customers reliable partners and establish solid and lasting trade relations with them. The image of engineering products activities will constantly be enhanced and TAKEN CAREOF with the active participation of our entire team 


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