With over 25 years experience in transportation and trucking, Alhutheily Corporation has de-veloped the beat technology (know-how) related to transportation in the Republic of Yemen. Our transportation work promotes more efficient, effective, and safer use of the transportation resources.

Alhutheily delivers top of the line advantages through easy- to –access information, superior de- livery performance, and improvement in overall efficiency .Our logistics program is agrees –snivel dedicated to superior customer service, from initial order to final delivery.

By working closely with our customers, we can improve delivery precision, react quickly to design changes, and handle fluctuations in transportation requirement if any.

Our transportation program focuses on five key elements:


1-Delivery and Accountability

Punctual delivery is our paramount goal. We have an excellent delivery record of accomplish – ment . we shall be fully responsible for any shortcomings or challenges that come our way.


We shall stress the importance of sharing clear, concise and timely information with our customers. We shall strive for the effectiveness of all our employees in meeting customers' communications standards.

3-Business practices

Our long –term goal is to improve our transportation system through sound planning and asset management. We shall encourage progressive business management practices in delivering cost effective and efficient transportation services


The health and safety of the people who use and work on our transportation facilities shall be a paramount value in every area of our business. We equip our staff and vehicles with all the necessary safety equipment.

5-Excellence and Integrity

Our employees shall work in a culture of workplace excellence and diversity that encourages creativity and personal responsibility, values teamwork, and always respects the contributions of one another and of those with whom we do business .we shall adhere to the highest standards of courtesy, integrity and ethical conduct. We shall encourage and recognize our employees' professionalism and their career growth.